The route and stations of the Gebze Metro have been announced

“The route and stations of the Gebze Metro have been announced: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has taken the first step in terms of the city’s future.

The route was set for the Gebze Metro. A large foreign consortium has begun to work for the Gebze Metro project.

Between Darıca-GOSB
The first metro in Kocaeli will be held between Darıca seaside and Gebze organized industrial zone (GOSB). The length of the planned double-line Metro will be 14.6 km. and 12 stations will be found on this route.

1-Darıca Beach
2-Farabi State Hospital
4-Fatih State Hospital
5-Gebze Center
6-Gebze Municipality-Akse Sapağı
7-Veterans ‘
8-Guzeller OSB
10-Slime Industry
11-Mollafenari Sapağı
12-Mollafenari Village

The first metro system of our province between Darıca-GOSB will also be connected with Marmaray. The underground system serves 4800 passengers a day. The Marmaray is the metro system that connects Gebze to Istanbul. “